Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strawberries and Popsicles

Strawberry season is officially here! Monday, we went out and picked ourselves a few lbs of strawberries, off our own bushes, in just a few minutes. Heaven. Seriously. Perfectly ripe, straight off the bush, slightly warm strawberries are amazing.  And so easy to grow: our bushes are rapidly multiplying, require very little maintenance, and they even keep the weeds down.  We are considering using them as ground cover!

We've got grand plans for our strawberries this year, if we have any left over when we are done munching them up like little piglets.  I've already frozen a couple of lbs in portions ready to make into strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam.  I'm hoping we get enough for a few batches of wine, some strawberry fruit leather, and maybe some strawberry ice cubes to use in drinks throughout the winter. 

In cleaning out the freezer for this year's bounty, I found a bag of old frozen together strawberries and decided to make popsicles for Scout.  So easy.  I just threw a clump of the berries in the blender and let them sit until they melted, poured a little bit of apple juice in, and pureed it until smooth.  Then I poured it into some popsicles trays and stuck them in the freezer.  I think she approves.  So much so that she won't give up a popsicle without a fit.  If you give her one, you are committed.  Hey, at least it's a treat I can feel good about giving her!

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