Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer is here!

It's official, we made it through the school year and we are on summer break!  Yesterday was our first day and despite some crazy rain storms and lousy weather it was awesome.  Life feels restful and rewarding right now with days and days in a row where we are all together and can do whatever we want.  I'm hoping to get back to writing more often, as I can tell it's good for me.  There is something about picking a topic and organzing all of my current thoughts that keeps me feeling focused and unscattered.  When I don't make time for that mental organization I feel flustered, scattered, and overwhelmed.

For today though, you are just getting my randoms:

The Rock'n'roll run was yesterday.  We totally bailed on my family but I am so, so proud of them.  My mom and brother Alec ran their first half marathons and my dad ran his first marathon!  I can't even imagine what that would feel like to run a full marathon! I am so proud of them for all of the hard work that they put in and for accomplishing something that big.  Josh would be proud that they got up and did something, as he liked to say.  I have this little bit of regret that we weren't there running with them, but I know that dropping training from our busy schedules made the past month and a half much more bearable.

All week Scout has been taking a few steps, but only occasionally and never when we want her to.  Today she woke up and decided it is fun.  She just keeps going and going.  Video taking is on the list for after nap.

We kicked off our summer with an awesome BBQ/birthday party/housewarming yesterday.  We don't spend tons of time with our friends during the school year as we are all swamped, but I am oh so grateful for the fun friends we have here.  Looking forward to lots more hanging out this summer.

I've been debating if we are "crunchy" or not.  What makes someone "crunchy"?  Seems like such a relative thing...and a gradual thing.  It's not something you decide to be, is it?

A good friend had her baby on Friday, can't wait to meet him!  So exciting to have a new addition to their amazing family!

Our yard is coming along, we have so many fun projects that we are excited about!  Gardening, new cherry trees, almost done chicken coop, and some bee keeping goods coming our way. 

Have I posted about our new suburban yet?  It's big and white and diesel.  Not new, but in good condition...we are loving it!

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