Monday, July 16, 2012

Bybee Birthday

Sunday morning (the 31st) we headed south to spend a few days with Andrew’s family. Scout slept wonderfully for most of the two hour car ride south, played happily for a few hours when we got there, took a decent afternoon nap, and woke up happy to celebrate her birthday! She was slightly overwhelmed by the crowd of people, but seemed to enjoy her evening. There were lots of kids to play with, a rare treat for her.  She was spoiled with many amazing presents, an awesome steak dinner with scalloped potatoes (a new Scout favorite!) and her own Elmo cupcake for dessert!  Thank you everyone for loving on our little girl!
Scout's birthday
For me?  What do I do with it?
Scout's Birthday
I rip it?
Scout's Birthday
Ooh, ripping is fun!
I can rip this too?
Happy birthday!
Blocks.  They're awesome.
Let's figure this out.....
What?  I'm naked and there is something weird on my tray.  Now what?
Elmo cake!
Touch it
Birthday Cake
This is odd....
Chew and show
But I love it!!!

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