Monday, July 9, 2012

Camano Island Cabin

On Friday (the 29th) we took a little day trip down to our friend Laura’s family cabin on Camano Island. We haven’t been down since Scout was born, so it had been a while. We also were testing out how Scout would do napping so that we could get a better plan for the next week of traveling. We left our house at nine, right about the time of Scout’s first nap, hoping that she would sleep the entire hour and half ride there. She only got about 45 minutes of sleep but we were still feeling positive, as she seemed to be happy. The sun came out and we had a gorgeous day sitting on the beach warming our bodies and munching on snacks with friends. Scout played happily, discovered sand for the first time,  and soaked up the attention from all of our friends. We missed her second nap and left for home around 5, hoping she might doze some on the car ride home, with a plan to feed her and then put her to bed right when she got home. Plan fail. She lost it and sobbed most of the car ride home. Even with me sitting next to her, trying to distract or feed her, it was a very miserable car ride. Luckily, she went ride to sleep when we got home and Andrew and I were able to regain some sanity. We did learn a good lesson for keeping a happy Scout though, don’t mess with both naps and then try a long drive near bed time!

We didn't take any of our own pictures (we were too busy chasing Scout!) but a friend snapped a few for us.

Fwd: scout!
Greasy sunscreen hair and crackers
Fwd: scout!
Boxes are for containing babies

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