Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's the Little Things

Inspired by this lovely post, a glimpse into all of the little things that have made this week amazing.

  • It's the glorious weather.  Sunshine and warmth, crazy thunderstorms, early morning fog and sea smells, light summer breezes, we have had it all this week. 
  • It's having my mom and baby sister volunteer to watch Scout, Lucy, and the house for two nights.  And having Scout be perfectly happy to have us gone.  I think she had more fun without us there!  And to come home to wheelbarrows full of freshly pulled weeds....amazing!
  • It's having bowls full of fresh strawberries from our garden.
  • It's getting to sleep in two mornings in a row.
  • It's having Scout running around her house.  Seriously, walking in circles is a pastime if your one!
  • It's camping at a nearby state park and playing childless tourist in our own town.
  • It's being able to have dinner and drinks with a good friend on her last night in town.
  • It's eating out for breakfast at our two favorite places...two mornings in a row.
  • It's our neighbors letting us pick their cherries.  8ish pounds in about a half an hour!
  • It's teaching Scout how to pick berries, both raspberries and strawberries.  She knows how to look under the leaves...but she's willing to settle for not quite ripe!
  • It's having a garage sale with good friends and selling $150 worth of stuff we needed out of our garage.
  • It's having waffles with friends.  Is it one waffle or four?
  • It's coming up with a new life plan for having two parents and one baby tripping over each other.
  • It's lunch fajitas with a friend.
  • It's Andrew's amazing coffee on daily basis.  Usually more than once a day.
  • It's skyping with grandparents.
  • It's Scout's new Elmo t-shirt that makes me laugh.
  • It's taking Scout to the mall on a hot day and her lounging in the cart and waving at everyone we saw.
  • It's making fruit leather for the first time.
  • It's starting a book for the first time in months.
  • It's party planning mixed with BBQ.  Efficient of us.
  • It's Scout saying "tickle, tickle" as she tickles your toes.
  • It's getting to play cribbage and chess for the first time in a year.
  • It's buying two amazing summer dresses with the last of my birthday money.
  • It's breaking out the kiddie pool for the first time and Scout giggling with enjoyment.
  • It's putting away all of Scout's new birthday toys and thinking about how loved and spoiled she is.

Our life is ridiculously full of little things that make it wonderfully ours.

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