Friday, July 27, 2012


For people trying to enjoy a low-key, relaxing life this week has seemed fairly eventful, and we aren't even to the weekend.

We started out the week with a drive south, a visit to Remlinger Farm with my mom, Ixtapa for dinner with my family, and the new Batman movie while my mom watched Scout.  Quite a day for us!

Tuesday Andrew & I got our teeth cleaned (no cavities!) and Scout had her first dentist visit.  Her mouth stayed firmly shut.  We brought presents for Harper's first birthday, had dinner with Andrew's family, ate ice cream, and played cards (yeah for Hand and Foot!). 

Wednesday we drove home and tried not feel completely lazy all day.  That day seems like a blur.  Maybe it was relaxing?

Thursday we got to meet new baby Junen and have lunch with his adorable moms (Jordan & Tricia) and sister (Aima).  Such a perfect family.  Then we discovered that a random swarm of bees took residence in the pile of supplies we are collecting for starting hives.  And no the hives are not ready to be inhabited.   Andrew also had to teach a trumpet lesson Thursday night and mow the lawn.  I weeded in the garden, planted more carrots, and picked raspberries.

Today we woke up to discover our swarm of bees has moved on.  And Andrew rented a trench digger as he is starting a massive french drain project in our front yard.

Sigh.  I have to go to Costco.

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Winn said...

No pressure or anything, but, I am waiting for your next blog post... but, no pressure...