Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Days

We are right in the middle of our lovely summer days. Andrew is currently teaching trumpet lessons, Scout is laying in bed saying "night, night" and giggling, and I am going to take 5 minutes to think about where we are at and all we have going.

Scout is officially a toddler. I don't know exactly what day it happened, but it's official. She walks around everywhere and babbles all of the time. She understands A LOT of what we say and can follow some directions. She is also getting to be a drama queen at times. She can still be quite the winning flirt in public though, so I'm grateful that we can at least walk the aisles at the grocery store happily.

I got some amazing wrap skirts today. They are made of soft flowing fabric in pretty colors and I feel beautiful wearing them. So excited to keep playing with them and figuring out more fun styles. Maybe ordering more?

Our garden is growing well. Everything is an experiment at this point, but it is so fun watch what happens. We are getting peas and raspberries and strawberries and onions and carrots and lettuce. And the blueberries are starting too. We borrowed a rototiller and are excitedly wagging war against the weeds and planting more fall/winter crops.

Our chickens aren't laying yet, but should be anytime soon. We check the box frequently. They do however, scratch and eat up our weeds before we move them to the compost. Helps our composting, keeps our chickens happy, and makes for a less stinky chicken run!

We are seriously considering a method for selling our homemade/homegrown goods. Only to family and friends, on a very small scale and really low key. Maybe a facebook page where we will list what options are currently available?

I just agreed to teach an online class at Western in the fall. In addition to the class I will be teaching on campus. I think I must be crazy. But the money is good, I enjoy it, and we survived once before so I know we can do it again.

We broke out the firepit last night for the first time. Why don't we do that more? Thanks Mahoneys for being our motivation! Anyone else up for dinner and a fire? We love company!

Scout keeps getting birthday presents...she is waaay too spoiled. I'm going to have to put her to work here soon so she doesn't think she is so entitled :)

I don't like when friends move. We aren't very good at making friends, how does one go about doing that as an adult anyway?

We are making plans to put the french drains in our front yard so that we (hopefully) won't get our crazy muddy spot this winter. Our yard feels so much bigger right now without the mudhole in the middle of the front yard!

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