Monday, July 2, 2012

This Time

This time last year I was in labor and had been all night. Nothing extreme at this point, just regular contractions that were semi-painful, too difficult to sleep through. About this time my mom was arriving to be an extra set of hands. We would all spend the next 24 hours anxiously awaiting Scout's arrival. You can read Scout's arrival story here, if you are interested.  I can't believe that this little bundle of energy has really been with us a whole year.  Blogging is mighty sporadic right now, we are in the middle of a week of playing with family and friends.We decided that instead of having one big first birthday party, we would stretch out our celebrating as long as possible.

Scout on Day 1
We kicked off last Friday with a trip to a friends cabin.  Yesterday we drove down to Renton where we had a small family birthday party (Elmo cupcakes!) and are headed to the zoo today.  Tomorrow we will go to White Salmon with my parents to visit Rachelle, Taylor, and Levi and celebrate some more! There is lots of picture taking happening and there will plenty of sharing when we are done partying!

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