Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello Again

I quit blogging for a while, did you miss me? The break was half a "can't seem to make the time to blog" accident and half a purposeful "life is full of awesomeness and I don't want miss out while I blog". Make sense?  I really don't want to look back on this stage of life and have a million blog posts but no memories.  I want to be there for it, and really enjoy it.  I'm getting better at trying to really be present in whatever stage we are at.  But I think I can try and swing a few blog posts here and there and record a few aspects of our life.  (And I think our new apple phone number fives might help me streamline our picture taking/sharing/blogging so that it's not quite so time consuming.  Yeah for awesome technology!)

Summer was perfection.  So much time together, outside, doing whatever activity sounded good that day.  It's been hard adjusting back to our busy, on-the-go life, but we are getting there.   Here are a few pictures (and a little Scout update) from our first few weeks of owning apple phone number fives.  I'm loving the pictures we are getting, and that it is so easy to share them back and forth.  No more waiting until I get a chance to upload.
This little girl is a crack-up. Yes, she is wearing a super hero cape and panties. She is adorable and she knows it.  Check out the mess behind her.  Playing with toys is serious business around here.
She loves to makes us laugh. And she is pretty good at it. She knows how to get a reaction.
She has a million teeth. Which really means that she has 8 all the way in, two molars that are half-way and two canines that are just starting. She's a little shark tooth.
She jabbers all the time, is quite the copy cat, and has a lot of really clear words. Spend a day with her and you can have some pretty decent conversations.
She loves going outside, eating apples, and talking about animals. And running around without clothes on (don't worry, panties are included in this picture).

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