Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Single Dad

Andrew's childhood, the swamp behind his house
From the time I wake up on Tuesday morning (530am), until I get home off work on Wednesday afternoon (4ish), I am home and awake no more than 4 hours.  About an hour each morning as I'm getting ready and out the door, an hour on Tuesday between teaching middle school and teaching at WWU, and about 30 minutes after WWU before I crash for the night.  I am not a good parent or partner on those days.  Andrew is left to himself completely to hold down the fort with no help from me.  A task that can get a little monotonous when your only conversations are with a little ball of energy who repeats everything you say.   Or says "no" to every question you ask.

A watch nailed to a tree many years ago
Last week, he decided to try and save his sanity and went to stay with his parents Tuesday night.  I think he still felt like a single parent, where you always have to be on, watching and listening to see if your kid needs something.  But he got some other adult entertainment and some help entertaining the munchkin.  It made the time go by faster and I think it kept him from feeling like he was waiting around for me.  He took a few cute pictures; it's fun to see how much Scout loves her Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.
Harper & Scout with Uncle Tyler (and if you show Scout this picture, she likes to point out the drinks)
The girls with Aunt Carina
Swinging with Grandma

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