Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Break's Over, Holidays, and a Resolution

It's back to work day, break is over and we are back to our normal routines.  (Insert big sigh).  I'm not one of those people who get excited to go back to work and school, I could be happy being with my little family, in our own little bubble forever.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job.  But I have daydreams about structuring our life so that both Andrew and I can always be home, working on projects, together, as a family.

I haven't blogged forever, and I don't feel bad about it.  I miss it, but I miss it for me.  I miss taking the time to think, reflect, and organize my thoughts.  But with how busy life is right now, I just haven't had have the time to blog regularly.  Maybe this quarter, as I'm not as busy at Western, I will have more time.  But maybe not.  I'm not making any promises. 

Our holiday celebrations were perfect this year.  Not magazine worthy with classic pictures, but perfect for us.  We spent a few days with Andrew's family and few days with my family.  Scout was in heaven seeing Grandmas and Grandpas and Uncles and Aunts and Cousins.  She loves her family.  We received thoughtful, useful, and fun gifts.  We ate delicious food and visited.  Scout loved Christmas, which made it that much more fun for us.  She knows that Santa says "Ho, ho" (ho), asks to turn the lights on and off, had fun opening presents (opiate...for open it) by ripping the paper off (rip it), and liked wrapping and decorating all of wrapping paper this year (wrap it up).  Her absolute favorite though, were the nutcrackers.  We saw this display at Joanne's during a shopping trip and we had to take a long pause (and a picture so we could talk about it later).

We also got to spend lots of time together as our own little family, relaxing and soaking up each other's company.  Drinking coffee and snuggling on the couch in the morning while Andrew warms the house with a fire was something I really missed this morning.  Scout is fairly amazing right now, eventually I will get a post together about her.  She is incredibly observant and loves to talk about everything she sees.  She is also extremely emotional and irrational at times (18 months!) which makes you either want to laugh or cry.  Or both.

Although I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions, there is this part of me that gets reflective at the beginning of the new year, just thinking about what I want to change  Lots of little things about myself and how I operate, but I am actually (groan) making a New Year's Resolution this year.  I want to take a picture everyday of Scout and I together.  I have millions of pictures of her...many not so good (She is getting way too mobile and just wants to take over the camera when she sees it!) but not so many of her and I together.  The ones I have are some of my favorite.   I read this article a while back and the idea has been floating around my head.  She loves looking at photos of herself with other people, way more than photos of her by herself.  And I don't want her too look back at the millions of photos of herself and wonder where I was.   I don't want her to feel like she had a working mother who was never around.  I want her to remember snuggling on the couch, reading books, and goofy faces, and kisses, and masks...even if they don't look amazing.   I want her to have photographic evidence that I really was a part of her life.   I might post the photos, I might not.  No promises.  But I can manage a photo a day of the two of us together.  And maybe I can get Andrew to get in some too so we can have more family snapshots :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad you're back. I recently gave blogging another go and I am enjoying it. Nice seeing you guys the other day. --Anna