Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, Monday

And a lovely Monday at that. Paperwork day at work, entering grades, writing reports, starting the scheduling for second semester, not my favorite type of the day.
Scout has an appointment for her 18-month shots today, and even though I don't have to be there, I always dread having to do that for her.  Just because she has no understanding of why anyone would cause her pain.

Despite a slightly ridiculous weekend and a full week of work ahead of us, I feel mostly cheery.  Maybe cheery is a little strong, I feel not depressed.  Is that valid?

We had to take our VW in to the shop last week.  It was sporadically just not starting, not a good trait in a car.  They finished working on it on Friday and even though it was nothing too major, total car bill came to $900.  I know it's not that bad for an older car, with no car payment, and we never have any repairs on it....I know that, but it still makes me cringe. 

Andrew's foot hurts.   Bad enough that he can hardly get around on it.  He doesn't know what he did, but a Dr.'s appointment is in order.

And last but not least, we had a kitchen fire last night.  It was quite the event.  Andrew made some (what were probably awesome if we had gotten to eat them) sticky buns, that dripped sugar and butter all over in the oven.  He was prepared for this and had put something under the buns to catch the drips.  Said butter/sugar catcher was not enough.  After taking the buns out, he opened the oven to see how bad it was.  (We had a meatloaf that needed to be cooked!)  It was flames bad.  At the time, it felt like big flames, lots of them, all over in the oven.  We don't have photographic evidence, no additional witnesses, and we can't travel back in time so we won't ever know how bad it really was.  But it felt bad.  Bad enough that Andrew grabbed the fire extinguisher to put it out.  Successfully with no injuries or permanent home damage.  Luckily, Scout was riding piggyback in the Ergo so we escaped to garage ("Safe"  "Smoky" says Scout) with Lucy while Andrew opened windows and set up fans.  While the house cleared of smoke and chemicallyness (totally legit word right?), we put up Lucy's travel crate in the garage, and headed to Chihuahua's for dinner.  We came home to a freezing cold house and a kitchen/dining area that needed a wipe down from top to bottom.  Lovely way to end the weekend and an awesome way to get a clean kitchen (sarcasm, I'm not that cheery).  We didn't even get to eat the sticky buns.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you had an extinguisher handy!

If it's any consolation, the 18 month shots were by far the quickest recovery so far. Stickers are powerful remedies :)