Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our girl at 18 months

Andrew took these photos at the end of November, so they are a little over a month old. But you can get an idea of what a big girl Scout it. She is 18 months old today. I can't believe how big and grown up she is, she is less baby and more little girl.   Some things you should know about her:

She loves to talk. There is no end to her talking, it never stops. And she fully expects you to acknowledge everything she says and respond appropriately. She rarely jabbers, instead will wait to say a word until she thinks she can say it right. She says short sentences now, leaving out all of the prepositions and articles. A typical sentence, that I heard yesterday "Boots. Mommy boots. Mommy boots nice. Scoutie boots on." She likes boots. She adds modifiers and descriptors all of the time, usually playing with the intonation as she repeats words and phrases. Listening as she grapples with language is amazing to me.

She loves to talk about family and knows all of their names.  She loves to look at pictures and video clips of fun things we've done.
She likes to climb.   Couches, books, coffee table, chairs, you...the act of up and down is pretty awesome.

Scout is well on her way to potty-training herself.  She prefers to wear panties instead of diapers (actually naked is her preference but we have some "no bare buns zones") and does well keeping them clean when we are at home.  If something fun is going on or we are visiting she might forget, but at home with reminders she rarely wets.   Diapers are still a must if we go out (no potties in the car) or are sleeping (no potties in bed).  A potty training 18 month has it's pros and cons as it's awesome that she is interested in putting diapers behind her, but it is definitely more work for mom and dad.

She likes to buckle and unbuckle things.  Well, she likes to buckle and have you unbuckle them.

She loves to have you read books to her and is starting to be able to "read" some of the pages back to you.  By "reading" I mean she can tell you about what's happening on that page.   It's pretty awesome.

Scout can be shy (covers her eyes and buries her head in a shoulder) but if you give her some time to watch and get her bearings, she warms up and runs around.

Scout loves animals.  She knows all her animals and animal sounds.  Ok, not all animals.  But all of the ones I can think of to talk about with her.  Dogs, cats, goats, sheep, monkeys, horses, cows, rabbits (they sniff), chickens, roosters, owls, birds, bees, frogs, turtles (nothing), lions, tigers, bears, penguins (none of us can do a good penguin), giraffes (what do giraffes say?), zebras, donkeys, elephants, dinosaurs, crocodiles, fish, and ducks are the most common animals brought up in conversation.  Can you think of any we have missed?
She goes to bed between 6 and 7 and except for a weird three day stretch in December, or when we are visiting family and having too much fun, she usually goes right to bed and right to sleep.  She can wake up as early as 5 or sleep as late as 645.  We try to get her to sleep later on break, but its hard since we are usually all up early when I work.  She takes one nap between 11-1230 and sleeps for one to two hours.  She usually goes right to bed.  All in all she is an excellent sleeper.  Except that she has been waking up in the night (2ish times) and needing Andrew to soothe her and sing her songs so she will go back to sleep.  It has to be Andrew, not me, or she screams when I try and leave her.  It's only been in the past month or so, and maybe it's getting better?

She loves to color.  With crayons and pencils and markers if we let her.  We finger painted for the first time over break and she thought that was pretty awesome.  She likes to talk about colors (red, yellow, blue, green) but she rarely puts the right word with the right color.  She is starting to tell you that she is drawing something in her scribbles, even if I can't recognize it.

She loves stickers.  Obsessive about them.  And likes to put them on her "leggies" or "cheekies".

Scout is a Mama's girl.  She loves Andrew and has a great time with him, when I'm not around.  If I am in the house I have to be in her presence, with her all of the time.  She likes to yell when I walk away.  Or run after me crying "up".   We are working on saying it nice and adding please.  Makes it much more bearable.   The only people better than me are grandma's!
Scout is reaching that "wanting to be independent" phase, where she wants to do everything herself and gets mad if you try and help her.  She also has some very strong opinions about how things should be done.   And has a good fake cry to use when we don't do things just so.

She has recently started counting to two. Like when she has two things that are the same she goes "one, two". On her own, but won't do it when we ask. She likes to sing counting songs but I wasn't expecting her to start counting just yet. Along the same lines, she loves ABCs. Especially P, Q, and S, which she always recognizes and asks me to draw. There are a few others that she surprises me with but she doesn't always like to talk about. She likes to notice "ABCs" on boxes and packaging and call our attention to it.

This girl keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh, everyday.  We love her dearly, and despite the tantrums, are excited for what the next year and a half will bring her.


Kourtney Camarillo said...

Wonderful post! You are making me excited to have children, even though I know it is still a couple years away. Glad to see you three are doing so well. Happy New Year!

Kimball Family said...

Miss you already Scouty! And Lauriel and Andrew :) Wish we were closer and Levi and Scout could entertain each other more.