Saturday, March 2, 2013


Our little monkey had her first accident about a month ago. Scout and I had gone to the zoo with my parents and Emma. It was an awesome day and she was getting one last look at the penguins before we left. As she was walking/running away she tripped and fell flat on her face. Not so much on her face, mostly on a tooth, one of the top front ones. She bloodied her lip a little but recovered fairly quickly and it  didn't seem like a big deal. Until about 30 minutes later she started saying there was something in her mouth and that it hurt to bite in the front. I looked in her mouth and realized that she had shattered her tooth; little cracks all over it and the bottom half was weirdly wiggly. Other than when she was trying to drink from a sippy, or bite with her front teeth, it didn't seem to be bothering her. So we watched for a couple of days.She got really good at "putting it (food) in the back to chew it up". The tooth started to hang and wiggle more, it turned grey, and pieces started to fall off. It was hard to get a picture of how weird it was, but you can see it's not right in this one.

She fell on Saturday and on Tuesday we got into a pediatric dentist who said it needed to come out, that day. I snuggled her up, got her to take some nitrous gas (through a pink "piggy" nose that she likes to play with now), they put some numbing gel on her gums, and then we held her tight while they gave her a shot and pulled it out. She was fairly freaked out that we were doing something so weird, but calmed right down and never seemed to be in much pain from it. She recovered quickly, happy to have that weirdness out of her mouth.  We find her gap tooth smile endearing.
Scout has started to tell people about her tooth sometimes. Usually in terms like "Fall down!" "Bonk it!" (pointing to her mouth) "Right there!" (pointing to the floor) "broke" or "all gone" sometimes we get "dentist" or "cried" but she nods seriously when you talk about how it was broken and the dentist had to pull it out to help her feel better. The tooth now resides in a little pink mouse in the bathroom drawer (courtesy of the dentist), Scout loves to show it off!

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