Monday, March 4, 2013


Yesterday brought us an unexpected day of sunshine with no formal plans, so we got outside and made the most of it.  Compost was turned and sifted after a long winter of busily working worms.  Dog poop was scooped.  Chickens were fed and watered, eggs were collected.  Raspberries were weeded and compost added.  Andrew broke out the rototiller and turned the driest chunk of the garden.  Black plastic was laid to warm the soil and help it finish drying out.   Strawberries got the first beginning of their spring taming.  They are going crazy with little runners everywhere.  We spent some time digging them up and transplanting them to areas with a little more room to spread.  By the end we were muddy and tired, but it felt amazing to be outside soaking up some sunshine in nothing more than a t-shirt.  Hip-hip-hooray for sunny Spring days!

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