Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New, kind of... a stream of consciousness, what's on my mind sort of way.
I cut my hair off, like three weeks ago. This is what it looks like when I straighten it. Which I gave up doing like a week in. My hair is like semi-curly, wavy, crazy looks different everyday. I should take a not straightened picture one day. In the morning after I've "fixed it". Not right now as I just got back from running.

 I've been running. Not a runner yet, but I've been running. Maybe more on that later. Exercise post-Scout is different for me and I feel like I'm just starting to get my head wrapped around it. Andrew's been running. And I think he's a runner. He's going to run a half in June, so proud of him for committing to the training...even though I won't do it with him!

 Andrew's been milking our neighbor's goat for the past few weeks. He gets up every morning with me and milks, takes him about 30 minutes. He's been getting about half a gallon of milk a day. That's a lot of milk and butter and ice cream. They are going to be selling their goats in June; we will be a bit sad to lose the milk, but we are sure now that goats are something that we'd like to get in the near future.

 I've decide to do my National Boards to get my professional certification. Enter a lot of work this summer and next school. Not Master's level work, just (sigh) work. And thinking and writing. It will be good for me and good for our bank account. But work.

The garden is coming along nicely, the apple trees are slowly improving, the cherry trees we planted last year are blooming, and we added a few pear trees for part of my birthday present.  The other part of my birthday present are two awesome benches that convert into picnic tables by rotating the back.  They are pretty sweet.

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