Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break Sunshine

Spring break feels like ages ago (3 weeks is sooooo long ago!) but it was pretty much perfect.  We started off the break with a weekend full of sunshine and a visit from Andrew's family. Harper and Scout got to play together and "the boys" got a lovely day of spring skiing.  There was lots of visiting and soaking up sunshine, and a very grandma obsessed toddler.  This girl loves her grandmas, totally amazing for us.  It allowed me some peaceful moments to sit sit back and enjoy watching her antics...and take a few pictures.

View from our couch, out our awesome new doors. 
Begging for a "horsey ride" on Grandma's legs...a tricky feat when you are sitting on a rock pile.
"Sitting by you"
Putting rocks in pockets
Picking out the best ones with Grandma and Dita...seriously this pile of rocks in our driveway is a hit.
Grandma's got rock fingers
Picking flowers
And sharing them
Have you figured out this outfit yet?  A hoodie, panties, baby leg warmers, and rain boots.   Toddler did NOT want to wear clothes this day.
A little bit of singing and dancing
A bit of a snuggle
Cheese face
I like the smirk better
Our girl
Harper with an awesome pony tail
"Discussing" whose turn it is for the bucket
Harper and Andrew playing some piano
The girls running up and down the driveway
Having some snuggles together after some heavy duty playing
I love Harper's lounge in this one
I wish I knew  what they were thinking here
Dog crates are also a popular place to lounge

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