Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago we met with Jen, from Jen Martin Studios, to get family portraits done.  I was a little bit nervous, as Scout has a tendency to yell "No pictures!" if you ask her to smile for the camera.  And I tend to dislike most photos of myself.  But Jen was great and I am pleased to say that getting our pictures taken was a pleasurable experience!  We met at a park near our house and spent 30 minutes playing, hugging, and blowing dandelions while she snapped photos.  And I love the way they turned out!  Yes, I can still be overcritical and we can still find things about ourselves we don't like in each picture, but when I stop being so obnoxious, these really are perfect.  We look happy and like we are having fun.  They look like us.  Which is way more important than looking like supermodels!  We will definitely being doing this again in the future, these are going in the keepsake file!

P.S.  Isn't our kid adorable?


Pramudita Hanum Andaristi said...

The pictures turned out really nice!

Steve said...

I really do like those pictures. Love you guys. Dad

Winn said...

What great pictures, and a beautiful fam!