Thursday, May 16, 2013

Funny Girl

I'm loving the age that Scout is at right now.  Each new stage she hits seems better than the last.  Yes, her emotions are huge right now and everything is amazingly exciting, horrifyingly scary, or devastatingly sad.  Yes, there are starting to be some of those tricky moments where you have to think about how to explain to her why she needs to do something that she doesn't want to do (brush her teeth, get in her carseat, wash her hands after touching poop, etc) but it's really because she is forming ideas and making connections all on her own.  And she doesn't understand the big picture the way we do (or think we do!).  Some of the connections she makes can be frustrating or confusing for us, but most of them hilarious.  Here are just a few of the moments that have made us laugh recently.

While walking by Victoria Secret, she said loudly enough for everyone around to hear.  "Oh, nice bras.  So cute.  Mommy needs it."

When she talks about anything being a baby, or cute, or nice, or loving it she uses an ooey, gooey voice, scrunches up her face, and snuggles it up between her face and shoulder.

She found an itty-bitty lego computer and sat on the couch repeating, "I'm working" incessantly.  She also likes to climb up on the computer chair, move the mouse around, and proclaim that she "just needs to work a  minute".  Maybe I've said that one before?

If you are doing anything in the kitchen she is likely to frantically run to the the laundry room yelling "I need me tool!"  Which translates to, "I need my stool!" as she wants to help with whatever we are doing.  Dishes are a favorite chore.

During dinner one night Scout randomly announced that "The garbage man comes on Saturday."  A phrase which she repeated frequently for several days.  Our garbage man comes on Monday.  We tried to get her to say "The garbage man comes on Monday" and she just responded "No, on Saturday.  The garbage man comes on Saturday."  You can even ask when the garbage man comes.  For a while it was always, "On Saturday".

If you touch her arm, even very lightly to try to get her attention, to change directions, or turn around, she might just yell "Ripping my arm off!"

One night Scout told us "I have to go to work".  We asked her where she was going to go to work and she said "with lamby". Then we asked her if she was going to mom's school to work "nooo", going to play the trumpet for work "noooo", going to be a "garbage man", nope "a farmer girl!" she replied.  She's obsessed with being a farmer girl and planting seeds.

She knows the names of a lot of our plants and talks about them when we are out in the yard.  Rhubarb, lavender, lilac, rhododendron  lemon balm, mint, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are some of her favorites to talk about.

She yells at Lucy to tell her what to do.  "Lay Down!"  "Move!"  This is probably from us talking sternly to Lucy, but it's funny to hear it come out of such a little mouth.  The other day Andrew and I were talking about Lucy and I said that she's an idiot (she is) and Scout of course repeated "She's an idiot".  With perfect diction.  Oops.

Scout wants to be outside by herself all the time.  She will open the back door and say "Going outside Mommy!  Bye!" and play happily outside by herself.  And yell at you if you try to come out with her.  "No Mommy, go inside!"  We watch her through the window.

She has gotten really good at singing songs and read a book with us.  If we start a song (or read a line in a book) and then stop, she will pick up and sing the next part.  We can go back and forth like this for a long time. Here is a little sample of 10 little monkeys.

When need to have her leave a situation, and she doesn't like it, she usually cries, "Taking me away!"

She is so free and loving and sincere with her compliments. She has been known to tell me that I sing nice (I don't), Andrew that he's a good reader, or that we look beautiful.  She doesn't give hugs and kisses unless she means it, so if you get a compliment or affection from her, appreciate it.

Last night she asked for music.  As I was putting it on, I asked her if she wanted quiet music or party music.  She told me party music.  So I put on David Bryne and St. Vincent.  The music came on and she ran over, looked at the screen, and yelled "That's not a pirate!".  Yes, mam you are correct.

She will dances upon request, unless she has an audience.  She likes to shake her booty.

"I'm not Scoutie.  I am Isla Scout  Bybee."   She also knows that Andrew's full name (or big name) is Andrew Jay Bybee and mine is Lauriel Bybee.

Randomly making up words is a new yesternight.  Makes perfect sense right?

While Scout was digging around under the sink in the bathroom (I was there getting dressed), she found an old sonic care toothbrush.  She happened to turn it on and exclaimed "Oh!  Grandpa noise!".  My dad uses one to brush his teeth.  I sat down to show her how to use it like a toothbrush, but after trying it she said that it was "too loud in my mouth".  We have since found her a kids electric toothbrush - "Thomas one".  It has Thomas the Train on it.

We love our little chatterbox, she keeps us on our toes!

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