Wednesday, September 25, 2013

16 weeks

16 weeks pregnant today! We haven't been very good about taking pictures this time around (curse of the second child already!); September is just a crazy month for us.  So I decided to post this lovely self portrait, taken before work while everyone else was sleeping :)

Belly is starting to look at bit big right?  I think it's starting to get pretty obvious that there is a baby growing in there!

So far:
  • I'm still sick.  Yeah lucky me right?  It's not every morning, so it's definitely getting better.  But I puked this morning, so the morning sickness is definitely still around.
  • Sometimes food sounds good, and sometimes it sounds awful.  When it sounds good, I eat.  I think the weight loss has stopped now and I'm getting enough food everyday to maintain.
  • Speaking of food cravings, they are out of control.  And always for things that we don't have.  I could run an awesome buffet!  Tonight it would feature fried rice, peanut sauce and noodles, jojo potatoes with BBQ sauce, big fat potato fries with fry sauce (yeah fry sauce), bruschetta, ravioli,  cinnamon bears, bacon, Amy's lentil soup, brie and apples (which we do have),  and Tillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream.  
  • I'm feeling some of the tired symptoms of pregnancy symptoms sooner this time, some braxton hicks contractions most nights, not bad, just achy and tired.
  • Scout is pretty stoked about this baby, she likes to rub and hug on my baby, sing it songs, talk about how it's growing, and if it's big enough to come out yet.  Of course she still says she has a baby in her belly too.
  • I'm pretty sure I've felt this baby move, not consistently and not definitively...but definitely some of those "oh, what was that" type movements.  Looking forward to the when Andrew and Scout can feel it move too!

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