Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home Tour

Andrew and Scout took a week long vacation the first week that I went back to work. They drove to Idaho with his family for a chance to see both of his grandmas and lots of extended family. The house seemed very quiet while they were gone, but it gave me a good chance to get settled back into the routine of working (often long days that first week!) without feeling guilty that I wasn't as mentally present as I wanted to be. It also gave me a chance to get our house all cleaned up, all at once. As our house is only 950 sq ft, you wouldn't think that this would a large task, but we had spent a summer living hard and there were lots of closets to be organized, piles to be put away (not just shuffled around), and cobwebs to be swept. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures, as I don't think I've shared pictures of our house since we've first moved it.  It's nothing fancy, but it's our and we feel quite comfy in our cozy little house.

Sorry about the quality of pictures, it was dark...and I have absolutely no experience photography small spaces :)
To start with, our front door.  When you are standing in the front bathroom doorway.  Andrew finished the tile!  I love it!  There is still some patch work that needs to be done around the molding and eventually I would like to paint the hallway.  I have no idea what color though, any suggestions?
Turning 180 degrees from the first picture, you can see our front bathroom.  We talk about updating this bathroom all the time, but to do it the way we want is a big project.  One that comes after our garage addition, a new roof, and new siding.  I could probably put 100$ into it though and find it much more pleasant.  Again, paint color suggestions?
Turning 90 degrees to your left, you can see our hallway (with our new laminate floors!).  Again, still a bit of patchwork on the walls near the molding, and I'd like to someday paint.  For now though, it works.  Scout's room is on the left, and our room is on the right.
The view of her room from her doorway.  Yes, she is still in her crib and she loves it.  We keep talking about moving her to a big bed before the baby comes but we are stalling because she really loves her crib.  And she's contained.  Scout used to have a beautiful quilt hanging on the wall above her quilt....but she pulled it down.  So for now, that large wall is bare.
And the rest of her room, from near her crib.  In the closet is stashed art supplies, a big bin of legos, and a big bin of dress up clothes.
Our bedroom, from standing in the doorway.  Our bedroom is teeny, tiny; it's just big enough for our king size bed.  That's ok though, as all we really do in here is sleep!
From the foot of our bed, we have an awesome view of Mt. Baker...too bad we rarely have our bedroom window open!  I have some spots on the wall that I want to hang some pictures, I even have the frames.  Just need to print the pictures and get them up!
From door to our bathroom, can you tell how crazy small it is?
Our bathroom, on the hand, is huge.  This is one half.
And this is the other half!
Leaving the bedrooms and returning to our main living space, this lovely portrait of us is hanging on the wall.  A good friend painted it for us.  We love it!
And our kitchen/eating nook from the entry way.
Looking across the living room to our new french doors.  This is where we spend the majority of our time!
And from standing in front of the french doors, looking back the other direction.

Feel like you know your way around our house now?  Come and visit!

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