Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Scout

This girl is amazing. I could overwhelm you with pictures, but here are a few from the last few months that capture some of her personality.  I am going to try and sum her up a bit, but as she says when you ask if her she is silly or funny (or anything) she is "Just Scout".
  • She talks.  A lot.  About everything and in complex, ridiculous sentences.  She talks less in large group gatherings, and can just sit back and listen.  But if you get her one on one, she will tell you all about everything she is thinking, and it's usually pretty hilarious.  About how she doesn't like the sun because it hurts her eyes, but she really likes clouds.  About she will cry at me a little when I go to work but then she will hang out with Dad and I will come home.  Anything...she likes to talk.
  • She is very affectionate, when she really knows you and likes you.  She doesn't hug or love on just anyone, but if she really knows you and likes you, you will get hugs and kisses and snuggles on a spontaneous but frequent basis.
  • She loves her cousins and talks about them all of the time.
Harper & Scout on the 4th of July
  • She loves to have us read her books; many books, many times a day. She has a good stack of "favorites", but one that stands out is Going on a Bear Hunt, which she describes as a good, scary book.
  • She also loves to play with the ipad.  Which we have to regulate a bit.  She has lots of games and things she likes to do, but I think her favorite right now is puzzles.  She could puzzle for hours!
  • She pretty much potty trained herself at the beginning of summer. She stills wears a diaper at naptime, bedtime and if we are going on a long car ride, but other than that she loves her panties. Accidents occasionally happen, but I think that's just part of the journey for the next few years.
  • She loves to talk about my baby in my belly and how it is growing bigger, bigger, bigger until it is like baby Miles (my sister Rachelle's newborn) and then it will come out and be her friend. My belly frequently gets hugs, kisses, and laughs. And she will also tell you that you need to be soft to her baby (which she says is in her belly).
A little bit of Lego fun
  • She likes to shower "all by herself" which is really hilarious to watch.  Except for soaping up her hair, she does a pretty dang good job.
  • She's been loving to draw lately, and has started telling us about what she is drawing.  Some of her drawings are actually starting to have some resemblance to what she is talking about.  A circle for a head, dots for eyes, etc.
  • She is always on the lookout for the letter "S", which always reads "Scoutie" to her.
Cheese face
  • Loud noises tend to make her a bit nervous.  She does earmuffs to help muffle the noise and wants you to talk to her about what is going on and what's making that loud noise.
  • She does best with anything new if we spend a good deal of time talking about it ahead of time.  Sounds like a duh statement, just suprises me from one so little.
  • She does not sleep in the car.  Period, no ifs, ands, or buts.  Even on very late nights.  Not in the cards for her right now. 
  • She loves to help in the kitchen and outside.  She collects eggs, picks carrots, green beans, and apples, or will help take out the recycling.  She is getting to be a good little helper!
  • She is still a great sleeper, bed around 7, wakes up between 6-7.  She's been waking up closer to 6 right now...which is a little early for us.  And she generally still takes a nap that is a couple hours long, although she does skip it some days. 
She is an amazing little being that is pretty fun to have around!  We love her personality and the person that she is becoming!

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