Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A week or two ago, Scout started talking about these monsters.  I'm pretty sure it started out with two little monsters that she was making towers and forts for out of blocks and legos.  Then they went on Andrew's head and had to be brushed off, on the ipad and had to be brushed off, they hid in her nose, you get the idea.  Fast forward two weeks and she is still telling us about these monsters.  I hear about them everyday.  Tonight after talking to me about a particular monster (who was in the bathroom) for a full ten minutes I pulled out the video camera. 

Oh and after, she wanted to watch what we recorded and added some more details.  Like that the monster jumped so high his head hit the top of the ceiling.  And that he cried because he had no feet.  And that Lucy got to back in her crate and go to sleep but the monster had to stay away outside because we got mad.  And that the monster stays in the bathroom because he is scared.

Disclaimer:  This is not quality video.  The camera is turned crazy (only way I could hold it with one hand), there's a bad glare from the light (she wouldn't move to the other couch), there is a little bit too much cleavage at one point (she pulls my shirt down), and the story teller (who is a bit ragged looking from somersaults) gets a bit distracted at points throughout the video.  But if you have had a conversation with Scout lately this will probably make you laugh, because they are all about this ridiculous. 

Oh and that first phrase, that was informing me that we don't have to eat monsters because we always have food.  That's what we'd been talking about when I turned the camera on.

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Winn said...

Rory the Monster, that's great. Are you guys reading monster books with her?