Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Scout was quite pleased with Halloween this year. We aren't that into costumes or anything, and don't typically make a big deal out of Halloween, but I think it was just right for her. Scout and her cousin Levi (who are glued at the hip!) are super into monsters right now. Lots of running and screaming and hiding and raring and talking about monsters. Rachelle found a Sully costume (from Monsters Inc and Monsters University) for Levi at Costco, and he was pretty sure that Scout was going to be Mike Wazowski. We decided we should prove him right and started hunting around.  We got lucky and found a Mike costume, in her size, at the consignment store for 5$. It was pretty awesome. This first clip is of her wearing her costume around the house and practicing saying Mike Wazowski.
The night before Halloween, we went with Rachelle, Taylor, Levi, and Miles to a little Halloween party at their church. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was just right for those two to check out some other costumes, play a few games, and have some treats. I got a few pictures of the two of them playing some games along with a little clip of them talking about their costumes.

On Halloween, Scout and I met up with the Kimballs at the mall where Sully and Mike ran around collecting candy from every store. I couldn't get Scout to say "trick or treat" but "Happy Halloween" seemed to make enough sense that she would say that. Everyone loved their costumes, they made it extra cute by holding hands everywhere they went! Scout got the perfect amount of candy for a two year, enough for her to go crazy, but little enough that we are almost through it already! I didn't get any pictures at the mall (my hands where a little full guiding munchkins) but I know Rachelle did! Hopefully she will post some soon and I can steal them!

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