Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!  The holidays are over and we have 2 days left until I head back to work, Andrew starts lessons again, and our generally busy life picks back up.  We've had an awesomely relaxing, busy, and productive Holiday season, I could write umpteen posts and still not fill you on everything.  For this evening though, a little family update to start out the year.
  • I'm 30 weeks pregnant, starting to look and feel large.  We are all excited to meet this little one come March.  We don't know whether we are having a boy or a girl; we will be excited either way!  No names picked out for sure yet either, just lots of brainstorming going on!
  • Scout is 2 1/2 and is amazing.  She talks constantly and has hilarious thoughts and ideas to share with us all of the time.  She has started singing more, loves her new mini trampoline, reading books, and doing puzzles.  Holidays were especially fun with her this year!
  • Andrew is playing music with two different groups, teaches private lessons two nights a week, and has a few gigs coming up early this year.  
  • He has also been busy converting one of our two garage spaces into a finished bedroom/playroom space, a project that will add about 300 square feet to our house.  He has been doing amazing work and it's coming along quickly!  We are really grateful for all the help our friends and family have been giving us (especially because Scout and I are not so good at manual labor, with anything beyond clean up!).
  • I'm still teaching full-time at the middle school and enjoying it.  After this baby comes, I am planning on taking the rest of the school year off and then returning in the fall.  Although I love my job, I am looking forward to 6 months of being home with my family!
  • Lucy is still plugging along, as much of a lap dog as ever.  She loves to go for short runs with Andrew, and run around like a crazy dog in the back yard, but her back hips are definitely a little stiff the next few days.  She's 4 years old now, probably more than halfway through her life...can't blame her for a bit of stiffness!

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Kourtney Camarillo said...

Glad to see you and your family are doing well!!!

Sam & Kourtney