Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 1/2

This post was started quite a while ago.  I just never felt like it was finished, I still don't.  This big girl is getting harder and harder to describe.  She is definitely her own person.  Full of hilarious phrases and thoughts, all day long she makes us laugh.  So even though this still feels incomplete, like I wasn't able to capture her personality completely, I'm posting.

Miss Isla Scout is officially 2 1/2.  Hard to believe that she is such a big girl now.  We are constantly watching and listening to her and just shaking our head at how old she seems.  A bit about her right now:
Scout helping Andrew fix a leak (huge one!) under the sink.
She loves to help with whatever we are doing.  In the past few days alone she has helped with: dishes, cleaning the chicken coop,  cooking, remodeling, feeding the chickens, getting wood, sweeping, spot cleaning the floor, folding laundry, setting the table.  And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.  She gets excited to be  "worker girl" with me, or when we put on our "farmer girl" clothes and go outside to do jobs.

She still sleeps great at night, but doesn't consistently nap.  Even when she won't sleep, she spends and hour of "quiet" time in her bed.  "Quiet" time is kind of a joke though, as she really just talks, sings, and plays pretend in her bed.  It's pretty awesome to listen to.
Playing ring around the rosy at Thanksgiving.
She loves to play games and do puzzles.  She likes games like ring around the rosy, but she also loves to get out our Uno cards, Mancala board, Boggle, or Dominoes and "play"with them.  She has been hooked on jigsaw puzzles, 30-50 piece ones, for a few months and would love to have some "help" her with them all the time.  Even though most of them she doesn't need any help with.  Scout just got a Curious George matching game and Hungry, Hungry Hippos for Christmas gifts and loves playing both of them.

She alternates between very demanding (what toddler isn't?) and bossy, and very gracious and kind with lots of pleases and thanks yous and I love yous.  Her sweetness makes up for the demanding :)
Watching a bit of Curious George with her Aunt Emma
Maybe it's a bad habit on our part, but as soon as she wakes up she wants to "watch a bit of ipad".  Her favorite show is Curious George, which we don't mind one bit!  She loves that George and can have full conversations about what he has shown her how to do. She is constantly talking about George, and uses funny little phrases from the show, or makes connections from the show to real life.  If you are going to let your kids watch tv, she is definitely a good case study for a kid who learns from watching!

She is starting to "read", where she runs her fingers under the words and wants us to say what they mean.  She has several books, and parts of books memorized, and will run her finger under the words and say the memorized parts.
Getting the Christmas Tree
She is generally a happy girl and get's excited about doing things, just about anything you are excited about.  She loved getting a Christmas tree, decorating it, and looking at Christmas lights.  She helped me wrap all of our Christmas presents (there were a lot) and scribed to me what we should say on each person's card.
Making a snowball
She likes to be talked to and is always listening.  If something new and big is going to happen, she wants to talk about it to death, know all the reasons why, and all of the implications of the change.  I don't know how, but she seems to understand it all too.

She alternates between extremely needy and somewhat shy (usually in public places where people are watching her) and completely independent and fearless.  She will go outside and play alone for an hour, when we refuse to go outside.

We love our Scoutie girl!

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