Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 Months Old

Miss Elena Jo is 3 months old, and I figured I should do a post about her little self, right now. I keep meaning to take nice 3 months pictures...but I have to stop waiting around for them to happen. This one is from about a week ago.  You can read about Scout at 3 months here.
  • She's got a bedtime!  And oh, my gosh, life feels so much better now.  She goes to sleep between 6-630 every night and sleeps in until somewhere between 730-900.  If she gets too tired during the day, she can peep in her sleep off and on between 6-8 pm (overtired) but generally she is getting good at going to sleep.  It's pretty awesome.  Up until about a week ago she was waking up 3ish times during the night.  She was eating and going right back to sleep, so it didn't feel bad.  This past week I've been trying to be more intentional about when I go to her, waiting for her to actually wake up and not just start feeding her as soon as she is stirring.  And she's only been really waking up once or twice, both times between 5-9am.  Which is ridiculous but awesome for my sleep.
  • She naps well, going to sleep easily and on her own (for the most part).  Occasionally she will fuss a bit, and we have to go to her and soothe her, but 90% of the time she puts herself right to sleep with hardly even a noise.  If she's tired and I'm holding her, she starts fussing and squirming like she is trying to get away from me.  Her naps still vary between 45 mins and 3 hours and 15 minutes, but she is getting more longer naps in.  She typically naps between 2 and 3 times a day, but the times aren't really getting set yet. 
  • She's liking the infant play mat and can reach the toys intentionally now, starting the music to entertain herself. 
  • She has a big goofy smile, with her tongue sticking out most of the time.  It's pretty easy to her to smile, if you make a fool of yourself!
  • She drools a ton, and spits up frequently.  No more big, huge stomach emptying (well, it still happens but not as frequently), but lots of spitting up all the time.  Hold her without a burp rag and you will be drenched. 
  • She follows us as we walk around the room and looks at us when we are talking.  She thinks Scout and Lucy are both pretty funny. 
  • She hates a binky, but loves her thumb.  She's a hard core thumb sucker.
  • She nurses great, and has just started to take a bottle.  I definitely wouldn't call her great at a bottle, but she's getting some food.  We've only tried it a few times, so I think with practice she will get it.
  • Her craddle cap is starting to fade, still there but definitely getting better.  And the acne seems to have cleared up over night.
  • She's spinning in circles a lot, but no rolling from back to front yet.  Back to side, and front to back, but she can't really roll over on purpose yet. 
  • She is starting to make some good noises, cooing and gooing and some screeching little noise that seems to be the start of a laugh.
  • We haven't gotten out the jumper due to space yet, but I'm thinking in the next few weeks it will find a place in our living room.

Reading this over, I can definitely tell that I love having babies who can put themselves to sleep.  It's a big milestone around here!

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