Thursday, May 22, 2014

...and a runner?

I guess I'm a runner.  I have a hard time thinking of myself that way.  I never ran growing up.  But towards the end of grad school, as I realized I had gained a ton of weight, I picked up running with a friend.  It was a connection I had with my brother Josh, he gave me tips and encouragement when I started and after he died, it seemed therapeutic.  I ran 3 half marathons and then got pregnant.  I had a hard time picking it back up with a little baby.  I ran here and there, but it wasn't a priority when I felt like I already struggled to find time to spend with Andrew and Scout, and work two jobs.  I just couldn't get into a consistent routine that felt manageable.  Then I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, then got pregnant again.  I used all that as an excuse to not run, telling myself that I would start running again after I had the baby.  Well, that baby is almost 3 months old now.  About a month ago I started using the Couch to 5K program, which I know is totally cliche, but it works for me.  My goal is to run every other, every third day if I can't, until I go back to work.  I want to build the habit back to where it feels good to run.  Back to a point where I can get a few runs in a week and it feels rejuvenating, instead of draining.  To a point where if I miss a day, I'm not tempted to bag the whole idea.  Compared to how I used to run, I don't feel like I'm a runner.  Yet.  But I will be.

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John said...

That's great! I've been biking and now trying to run. I feel the same. It hurts and is not fun now but I'm hoping it becomes fun like other exercise has been in the past