Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm a Reader...

As long as I can remember, when people asked me what I liked to do, I've always had reading on the list.  I love to read, and I generally devour books.  Quickly.

After I had Scout, I stopped reading.  I mean it's hard to completely stop reading, but I stopped reading for pleasure.  Occasionally I would read something new if it came out and enough people told me about it, and I had a good solid chunk of time, but I have a really hard time balancing life and reading.  Meaning that if I pick up a book, I tend to read it until it's done.  And everything else goes by the wayside.  Like dishes, food prep, work, speaking to my husband and playing with my kids...pretty much everything.  I'm a binger.

Around the holidays, when we decided that I was going to take a longer maternity leave, I started thinking about reading again.  And decided that I wanted to use the end of pregnancy lack of energy and the new mama sitting on the couch nursing time to figure out how to be a reader again.  How not to let a book consume my completely.  How to read, and still have a life.  Reader for life.

Which for me, meant giving up paper books.  Something I've been stubbornly refusing to do.  I love the feel of a real book, love buying nice books, love owning books, love the smell of books, love book shops.  And I hope that one day I can bring books back.  But they just don't work at the stage I'm in right now.  I need something I can hold in one hand, and still turn a page, while I hold a baby, nurse, stir the food on the stove with the other.  I need something that I can easily carry around anywhere.  I need something that won't be ruined when I smudge it with gross hands (think toddlers).  Meaning that now, all books I read are either on the nook Andrew got me for my birthday, or I download to my phone using the kindle app.

And it's working.  I'm still prone to getting too sucked into a book, and have to remind myself to keep living my life.  But I'm reading and I'm loving it.  I desperately need more book ideas.  Generally speaking, I like books I want to escape to.  That are different than real life.  I don't like real life sob stories that make me think about how horrible the world is and how awful people are.  A few books I've read in the past few months, that I can think of:
Divergent Series,
The Selection Series,
Uglies Series
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Eat, Pray, Love
Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy
The Fault in our Stars (loved, even though I cried)
Before I Fall
Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

I threw this out there on facebook a few months ago, and got a ton of good ideas.  But I need more.  They have to be available on the Washington Library System in ebook form (I know, I'm picky right?  And cheap.) but even if it's not I'll add it to my list...maybe it will get added later?  And is it worth it to update and maintain my goodreads page?  Anybody who absolutely loves using it?

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