Saturday, May 31, 2014


This week seems like it's flown by.  We hit up a parade, bbq'd, had visiting family, got a big delivery for our current big project (floors! installed!), cleaned up our garden, visited with friends, squeezed in some running and bike riding, Andrew's teaching lessons and playing a gig, and I had a meeting and did some interviews for work.  Felt busier than other weeks!

I felt like most of my internet time this week was spent brainstorming and browsing, but I ran across a few articles I liked, that made me think.

Postpartum, things don't feel as stressful this time around, but maybe it's because we have purposefully taken the time to slow down, make no (or very few) commitments, we don't expect it to be amazing everyday and we just do as much as we feel like on any given day.  Definitely agree with the sentiments of this post.  It would be so much easier to do if our country had year long, paid maternity leaves (Norwary, Denmark, Lithuania, Albania, Slovenia, Sweden) or, oh wait, ANY paid maternity leave (every other country in the world!  Seriously, I'm barely exaggerating).

Even before reading this NPR article, I've wondered about the effect of taking too many pictures.  What it does to our memories, and how we view our lives differently because of photos and video clips.  Scout definitely loves viewing "old" pictures of herself, and having us take pictures of her.  It's a hard line to find.  How many photos is enough?  When is too much?

Next year Alec will be heading off to college (I'm hoping up here at WWU!), this article and pictures from the NYTimes made me excited to think of how much he will be changing next year!

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