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Scout & Elena Jo-March 5, 2014
When checking on how we are adjusting to life with a new baby, one question people typically ask, after "How is she sleeping?" (another post) is "How is Scout adjusting?".  The answer is awesome, amazing, and couldn't have asked for better.  The first month, she had some crazy hyper (but happy) moments, and a few more accidents than normal, but other than that she's been all herself.

Scout talks about Elena fondly and is interested in what she's doing (or what we are doing to her).  But Scout doesn't try and pick her up and take matters into her own hands.  Now that Elena spends a bit more time on the floor on a play mat, or in a bouncy seat, Scout will run over and turn the music on or make it bounce if Elena starts fussing.  And she's great at running to get us a diaper or a burp rag when we need it.  Really, it's the perfect mix of being interested and loving, without overbearing.    For her part, Elena is pretty interested in what Scout is doing and is starting to give her some big goofy grins.  Granted, she gives those to Lucy too.

I'm excited to see how the relationship between these two develops as they get older, sisters can be pretty awesome.  A piece of advice I heard (read?) about having a second child, was to respond to the needs of older child first whenever possible, mostly because you spend so much time having to ask them to wait while you take care of the baby.  That stuck with me.  I don't always remember, but I try to do that, if I can.   Mostly it's lots of little ways, like if I'm sitting down to feed Elena, and Scout asks for milk, I try and get up and get her some before I start nursing.  Or if I'm home alone putting Scout to bed, I've started leaving Elena on her play mat in the other room, even if she fusses for a few, so that Scout can get a few minutes of quality, snuggly, undivided time while I get her in bed and sing her songs.  Maybe it helps, I'd like to think it does.  If anyone has any other amazing advice on raising siblings to be friends, I'd love to hear it!
Scout & Elena Jo-March 5, 2014

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