Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alec's Graduation

All the way back on the 13th (of June) my baby brother graduated high school.  It was pretty awesome.  He is an amazing person, good student, athlete, and all around person.  Not to brag or anything, but he graduated with great grades, played varsity soccer, took AP classes, and got a bunch of scholarships.  And he still had a social life!  He makes life look too easy :) Proud of him and glad that we got a chance to celebrate him.  He will be up in our area, going to Western next year, it will be fun to have him closer!
Alec with his 3 (short) sisters.
Alec with Mom and Dad
Alec with Granny
You might notice that we are missing a few people :) Rachelle and I left our awesome husbands at my parents house to watch all the littles...graduation started at 7, no good for our early-to-bed kids! If you are feeling sad that you missed the actual graduation, you can live vicariously through these video clips. And you can read Rachelle's post about graduation, because she always seems to be a bit ahead of me in blogging :)

Alec walking into graduation Alec getting his named called

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