Friday, June 27, 2014

Elena-4 months

This little goober turned 4 months old on Wednesday.  And I actually took a picture of her without her mohawk, rare.  I had to work to get it to lay down this much, and now it looks like she has a comb-over.  And her smile, it's too much.  You can't quite tell in this picture, but the nose scrunch and lunge toward you when she smiles, paired with the's intense.  Enough to make you talk in a ridiculously, sugary, sweet voice all day long.
  • 90% of the time this girl is happy and content.  When we are home, she likes to lay on her play-mat, sit in her bouncer seat, and for short periods she will try the jumper or the bumbo seat.  She likes to interact and to watch what we are all doing, but really doesn't seem to want to be held that much.  It's almost too easy when we are at home.  She sleeps, eats, and hangs out watching the chaos around her.  When we go other places though, she seems to be fussier, not wanting to be passed around and held all the time, but not familiar enough with the place to want to be left alone either. 
  • She goes to sleep great for her naps.  Some days she falls into the three nap schedule and takes long ones, and some days they are so short she ends up with 4 or 5 naps.  Moving more and more towards napping at consistent times though as she seems to be able to stay awake longer.  When she is really tired, she fusses for you to put her down.  I definitely enjoy this stage when putting them to bed seems to be so easy.  I know it won't last forever, but for right now...I love it.
  • She likes to have "conversations" and makes noises back and forth.  She's getting a pretty good repertoire of them now!
  • She has slept through the night (6-6) a few times, but usually wakes up twice right now.  Trying not to let it get to be routine to wake up more than twice, but some nights are better than others.  Luckily she nurses and goes right back to sleep.  At 6am or so, she will usually wake up for a bit, get her diaper changed and nurse, and then sleep a couple more hours.  
  • She is a drooley, spit-uppy little monster.  The spitting up is getting better, but slowly.  It's still pretty constant through out the day.  As it's getting better, I can tell when it's bothering her more.  If she's fussing, she's usually either tired, hungry, or going to spit-up.  I have this slight mom guilt that maybe we should have tried to get her on reflux meds when she was smaller, and that a lot of her fussiness was due to her stomach bugging her.  But, we all survived, it is getting better, and I wouldn't want to start her on meds now as it is obviously getting better.  The drool though?  That's constant.  Don't hold her without a burb rag.
  • She practices her rolling over all the time.  She gets about 3/4 of the way from her back to her stomach and hangs there before falling back over.  I'd be surprised if she hasn't figured it out by next month.
  • She still loves sucking her thumb (for sleeping) and her whole hand (or both hands) when she is hanging out during the day.
  • She loves watching all of us, especially Scout, they are having mroe and more fun interacting.
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