Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kissing Cousins

The Whatcom Center for Early Learning runs a toddler time program every Wednesday, from 10-1130 at the Boys and Girls Club near us.  It's a 2$ suggested donation, per kid, and it is pretty freakin' awesome.  The staff sets up centers of different types across a large gym:  balls, a sensory pool, puzzles, play doh, bikes, blocks, there's a bit of everything.  Then there is a song time, a story time, and a snack.  Parents come with their kids and there is staff on hand to answer questions about typical child development or how to access community resources.  Scout and Levi are regulars there. 

The two of them love seeing each other at toddler time, or at the library programs (who am I kidding, they love seeing each other anywhere).  Sometimes however, they are more focused on playing with each other than whatever is happening during the program.  On this particular day, kissing was the big excitement.  I paused my nagging "pay attention" "settle down" and "stop kissing" for a few minutes to take this video, as I thought it needed to be documented for future blackmail.  

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