Monday, June 16, 2014

Playroom #4

The next few months were spent with a lot of tedious, time consuming work. Andrew took these photos on March 27th.  The photos were taken to document of the electrical work, which he did himself, with some help from Alec.  Electrical involved wiring for three heaters (we have electric here), thermostat, 10 outlets, 8 lights and a dimmer switch.  He also had to move a bit of wiring for our well pump and the old switches and lights.  He spent a lot of time making sure that he did everything to code.

Also, you can see in these pictures, the work that he did with the framing.  He scabbed a 2x4 onto each board, then added a board on the bottom and on top, ensuring that all the walls would line up with the cement footer. If you look carefully at the difference between the first and the second picture, you can see what I'm talking about with the framing.  The first picture is before wiring and scabbing boards on, the rest are after.  This stage was probably one of the most time consuming phases...and visibly it showed the least difference!

P.S.  We also had a baby somewhere in this big time small feat!
Before wiring and framing
After wiring and framing

Lights, wired and ready

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