Wednesday, July 2, 2014


June 2014
This little big one turns 3 tomorrow.  We are celebrating her birthday at home today, with a new swing-set (splurge on our part, with help from the grandparents) and a play date with Levi.  And cake and ice cream of course!  This milestone is definitely worthy of an update post, only I'm not quite sure how to do it.  She is quite the complex little being, all her own person.  I can in no way do her personality justice, but maybe I can hit on a few highlights.
  • Somewhere in the past few months, she has started to get freckles.  I love them.
  • She loves to love on us.  Give us hugs and kisses and yell "Mom!  I love you so much!" across the room or across the yard.  Hard not to love that. 
  • She loves to climb all over us.  And her pointy little feet and knees and elbows hurt!
  • She loves swinging (hence the birthday present) and riding her strider bike.
  • Her favorite songs to have us sing to her at bedtime are "I love you" and "Itsy bitsy spider".  We read two books before bed every night too.  And sometimes she reads us one.
  • She loves to be outside, playing, biking, running, working or eating in the garden, walking on the road, riding the bike trailer, taking care of the chickens, she's happiest outside.
  • She loves to help and be a part of anything we are doing.  She is very inquisitive about everything and wants to know how things work.  She wants to build and create with us all of the time.  It makes her sad when she can't help and we have to get creative about how we can involve her.
  • She talks...a lot and about everything.  We can have a conversation on just about any topic.  And if something big is happening she definitely wants to have lots of conversation about it.
  • She is very emotionally driven, and likes to talk about how she is feeling and how other people are feeling all the time.
  • She's not a picky eater, but sometimes she is fickle and doesn't like a food for a day.  She is pretty good about continuing to try things she doesn't like though.  She hates lettuce, and always has, but anytime we eat it, she will try a bite.
  • She is starting to get jokes and word play.  It's pretty fun.  We make up silly words and names, and funny rhymes for everything.  We've been talking about "no prob Bob" or "make a plan Stan" or "hit the road Jack" and who are those people?
  • She watches way too much tv.  But she likes to talk about what she is watching and the people in her shows.  Curious George is a fall back that she keeps returning to.  Honestly, I'd worry about the amount of tv watching she does if I didn't have conversations with her and know how much she has picked up from them.  Good and bad I know.
  • She is really sensitive and hates being in trouble.  If you get mad and talk to her in a slightly frustrated tone, she will lose it crying.  And then tell you that you need to say it nice.  And we hug and say we are sorry.  She's a good reminder about gentle parenting. 
  • See above:  we don't do time outs or anything like that with her.  If she's rough or hits with something she needs to "take a break" from that thing and it goes away until the next day.  If she is rough with someone else, or can't be kind than we take a break from that person and go away with her.  If she is being rough with us, than we tell her we don't feel safe and we are going to go away for a minute (lasts about 1 minute before she comes running crying she wants us :).  She has consequences, we just have to remember to be very logical and gentle about them.  And we spend a lot of time, A LOT of time, talking about how she was feeling when she was acting that way.  If she was frustrated or angry, and other things she can do instead of be rough.  The last week or so she's been making this funny frustrated growl when I tell her no,  which is way better than hitting.  So many emotions to deal with, and so much learning about consequences!
  • She loves her sister, and is so sweet to her.  It's amazing to watch.
  • She sings more now, which we love.  And knows lots of her letters and numbers.  Not all of them, but lots of them.  We aren't making an effort to teach them to her, but sometimes she wants to talk about them.  Right now she thinks you spell her name "Soutrl".  And she can write the letter "H".  Thanks for teaching her that one Harper!
  • Really, it's hard to sum this little busy body up in one post!  She makes us laugh everyday!

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