Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Monday

Elena Jo-July 2014
Hitting the Monday hard this week, after a good weekend of fun, trying to get our house and garden in order, packing to get ready for the next big adventure. I swear, prepping this whole crew to leave the house takes us as long as the adventure itself.  Slightly ridiculous.

On my to-do list today:
Make an Amazon order (trying out Prime...worth the 100$ a year?)
Bake kale chips
Write up house-sitter directions and stop mail
Wash diapers
Grate and freeze zucchini
Juice and freeze beets (and carrots and spinach if I can get to it)
Make some chocolate mint ice cream (to use the rest of the heavy cream of course)

And when Andrew gets home from rehearsal and donating, maybe we will tackle the garden with a deep weeding, last mounding of potatoes, and a planting of peas and radishes.  And maybe preserve some more green beans.

No, the picture of the little goober up top has nothing to do with my to-do list today.  Except that she is always watching what we are doing, trying to catch our eye so we can grin ridiculously at each other.

Which reminds me of our actual big news for the day, the girls both slept in the playroom last night.  Together.  And it was fine.  Scout had a few questions and issues going to bed, but other than that...perfectly typical night with Elena waking up to eat twice.  No big deal.  Wow.

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