Monday, July 14, 2014


Scout's officially in a stage we could call "figuring out limits" or "testing boundaries".  Physically and socially.  For the most part, she finds her boundaries with only minor bumps and scrapes, but a few weeks ago she had a bad spell.  We, as a family team, decided that pictures documenting injuries make the pain less.  She looked at a few pictures of our past injuries to assure herself she was not alone in her pain.

1st up:  Scrapped knee.  Happened when her and I were practicing our running and she wanted to show dad.  She turned and looked over her shoulder to make sure he was watching and down she went.

2nd up (maybe two days later?):  Torn tongue.  Got a little curious and decided to lick the inside of the frozen bowl as we were preparing to make ice cream.  I turned around from grabbing a spoon as she screamed, to see her tongue glued to the bowl and a panicked look on her face.  Before I could even react, she pushed on the bowl with both hands, ripping chunks of tongue off and causing a great gush of blood.  Chunks of tongue remained on the bowl.  This is a while later after the bleeding stopped.
Not pictured, maybe another 2 days later:  We were walking out to the car to go to the store, I opened the front passenger door to set the diaper bag down and then the back passenger door to buckle Elena in.  Meanwhile, Scout is chattering away.  Then a scream.  I look up to see her finger in the front crack of the door, where it meets the engine.   And the front door is lightly shut.  I quickly open the door, scoop her and Elena up and run inside as she is screaming hysterically.  I was briefly worried she broke her finger as it was quite purple, swollen, had a big dent, and she wouldn't move it.  Thank goodness it wasn't!  After she had calmed down, and could move it freely I asked what had happened.  She said she put her finger in that hole and then gave the door a little push.  When I asked her why, she said "Why did I do that?"  We had a long talk about door cracks and how they work as the doors open and shut!

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