Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Playroom #11

So the playroom is done, pretty much.  A few little details here and there still, a door in the walkway, but it's very much liveable, playable space now.  Both girls are sleeping out there at night, and I'm busy filling up and organizing the space.  That extra 300 sq ft of space feels so good to spread out into.  Meanwhile, I'm behind on blogging.  As usual. 

This next stage of playroom creation involved laying a patch of tile, near the back garage door.  This same tile is by all of our entry ways (front door, this garage door, and our french doors) so it gives the house a cohesive feel.  These pictures are from May 25th and 27th, and I forgot to get a picture with the grout done, before Andrew started working on the rest of the floors, so you'll have to wait for the completed tile until next time!
Backboard done and starting to install the tiles.
Tile is almost laid in and then the tile saw broke, with 3 small pieces left to cut.  Off to Home Depot for another one!

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