Saturday, July 12, 2014


Whew!  Rachelle and I spent a long day outside playing (or, uh, watching the kids play) and trying to stay cool.  Both girls are in bed asleep and I'm sit down veg out a bit and to organize all of my good internet finds from the past week.  There were some good ones!

I saw this article all over, but if you, or someone you know was funny! 

Sunscreen has been on my mind a bit...we are family of fair skinners, who burn easily.  With this hot weather, I've been seeing articles all over the place.  Scout's skin seems to be super sensitive to lotions and creams and Elena shouldn't be using sunscreen for another month or so.  I'm curious what we will know about sunscreen and cancer, and all of the side effects in 15 years.  I mean there the mentality of don't wear sunscreen (like in this article) because sunburns don't cause cancer and sunscreen prevents us from absorbing vitamin D, you could buy into the use only things with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because they provide a physical barrier and not a chemical barrier...or don't because they may expose you to nanoparticles that cause reproductive issues (some here or here).  But whatever you do, don't use the spray on stuff!  Ha, joking.  But seriously it's damned if you do, damned if you don't.

My family was in the news, well a picture of us the local (Valley Record) paper where my parents live! Pretty funny picture :)

I could write you a novel (ok, a short story) about feeding toddlers.  Hilarious, frustrating, exasperating, fun, intriguing, educational, developmentally appropriate a little bit of all of it.  Seems to come up for everyone at some point, and everyone has their own philosophy.  It's kind of like kids and sleep :)  Someone, somewhere, posted these quick tips recently...I agreed with all of them, so I'm counting the article as a keeper! 

Andrew actually ran across this article and passed it on to me.  A bit of read, but I really liked it.  Screen time for kids is a hard thing to manage/regulate/monitor...but I really like the philosophy of this article.  It fits for us!

As a teacher who works with kids who have trouble "sitting still and focusing" I totally see the points laid out in this article.  I cringe to think of sending Scout to school in two years and asking her to sit still...I know lots of kids do it and are totally fine.  But for now, I love seeing her run and jump and balance and dance climb and wiggle...well, sometimes the constant movement does make me a bit dizzy :)

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