Monday, July 7, 2014


Scout-July 2, 2014
We are just coming off of a busy week of celebrating and partying.  On the 2nd, Scout had a birthday party with Levi, on the 3rd we packed up and drove to my parents', on the 4th we went to Carnation's pancake breakfast and parade then partied at my parents' house, on the 5th we drove to the Bybee's and partied with them, and yesterday we packed up and drove home.  Super fun; Scout was thoroughly spoiled and celebrated.  There will be posts of party celebrating coming later!  For today though, I'm busy running around trying to get my house and yard in order.  Coming home always makes me feel like cleaning and organizing.  Weeding the entire yard.  Cleaning out the closest.  I think I'm strange.

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