Thursday, August 28, 2014

Elena Jo-6 Months

August 20, 2014
As of the 25th, this little miss is 6 months old.  I can't believe it.  As I write this she is sitting in my lap giggling at me and attacking my hands and face.  So sorry for any typos, I can't be held responsible.

  • As you can tell, she loves to eat.  We have gotten better at dodging her hands so the mess isn't typically this bad, but it is definitely always a stripped down to her diaper affair.
  • It's easier to tell you the foods that she doesn't like than the foods she does.  She hates the canned baby food meats and she doesn't love the peas or green beans.  But everything else has been love at first taste.  You can tell when she really likes something because she "mmms" the whole time she's eating.
  • Sometimes she even likes to blow raspberries while she's eating.  The resulting spray of baby food is awesome.
  • For the past few weeks, Andrew's been working hard to get her used to a bottle.  She wasn't too excited about it at first and would just open her mouth and let the milk run everyone where.  But, for the past week or so she seems to be getting in a good rhythm with once a day  and we aren't too worried about me heading back to work.  At least not about that part of me heading back!
  • She rolls around everywhere now, spins in circles, and is always trying to get places or get to specific toys.  She's not very effective/efficient/accurate at getting where she wants to though.  Frequently, she ends up pushing her self away from the toy she is trying to go towards.  Very frustrating.
  • She is trying to figure out crawling and I wouldn't be surprised if she succeeds in the next month.  She gets her feet under her and stands on her head with her butt in the air, she pushes up on her arms, she pushes herself backwards with her arms, she can get on one leg and one arm (and raise the others in the air?), it's all very yoga-like.  Any minute the coordination is going to click for her.
  • She loves when people talk to her and interact with her.  She's all serious watching and staring until you smile and talk in a stupid voice.  Then she lights up with a big goofy smile.  You can also get her going with some fun giggles and shrieks pretty easily.  Lots of happy noises and play for her.
  • She naps well during they, 2-3 naps ranging from 1-3 hours a piece.  She isn't super set on times, just kind of depends on how the previous nap went and how the day is going.
  • She goes to bed at 6 every night, and sleeps until about 7 every morning.  She usually wakes up once or twice to eat during the night and goes right back to sleep.  Sometimes she sleeps right through the night, but not often.
  • She loves her sister.  Which may or may not have something to do with the ridiculous antics Scout will go through to get her to laugh.  See video below:

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