Thursday, August 14, 2014


We've been back from our Priest Lake trip for a week now, and I can't seem to find my groove. I'm in a flump. Nothing bad and awful, I'm just feeling a bit more annoyed and a bit less motivated. I could blame it on a whole variety of things depending on my mood (the heat, summer ending, lack of personal space and constant jabbering of the kids, not sleeping good, difficulty getting anything done, etc, etc) but in reality it's just me and I need to snap out of it.   I haven't gone running in a month, haven't been motivated to blog/write since we came back, I've been annoyed at my kids (who are just kids) and all I want to do is lie around and read books.  Honestly, life isn't that bad, but I'm not feeling myself and I'm hoping that if I admit it, accept it, and get going, I'll snap out of it and make the most of the next few weeks.

What's been going on, in and around my crankiness?
  • We ended up with AmazonPrime...kind of by accident.  Had the free trial and forgot to cancel before our trip so it looks like we are trying it out for a year.  So far, loving the ease of ordering, not having to wait to have a 35$ order, and the speed of delivery.  Not loving Lucy barking at all of the delivery people.
  • Our friends got us playing Dominion with them (a game), which convinced Andrew that I needed to learn to Magic (another game).  Just bought a few new decks.  And have been playing the last few nights.  Oy, we are nerds.
  • Reading Game of Thrones (maybe this is why I don't want to do anything else and I'm a grump that I have to keep on living?  I have a problem with books.)  Loving it.  Want to watch the shows, but don't want to pay for them and I've heard they are hard to find online.
  • Elena's getting big, and starting to move around.  Rolling and some weird scootching that slowly gets her places.  Andrew says she's like a slug because she leaves a trail of drool on the floor where's she's been.  
  • Scout is, well, she's 3.  Andrew summed her up nicely yesterday, she is trying everything, just to see what will happen.  Jumping on the trampoline with milk, grabbing things from your hand, jumping from the trampoline to her swing, building slides.  Just testing, experimenting, and trying everything.  Which easily drives me crazy if I let it.  But can make me laugh hilariously if I take a step back and don't take it personally.
  • Andrew has been busy designing and building a sliding barn door for the playroom, and we are talking about knocking down another wall/closet/doorway in the office space.  We keep lining up the projects.  I should rename the Playroom series the Great Home Makeover series as the projects keep spreading throughout the house and will never been done.  We are slowly making our home feel the way we want inside and it's making us itch to do the roof, deck, and siding...but we have to wait for the time & money to build up again.
  • I'm working on finishing up the playroom area, lots of fabric.  Curtains, bedding, wall hangings, that kind of thing.  And a little bit of garage organization when I can handle it.  Our garage is a disaster.
  • I have 10 million other blog posts forming in my head, and pictures to share, but the babies are waking up from their naps, and it's time to go feed and diaper and play some more!

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