Saturday, August 23, 2014


9 days later and I'm back again.  Feeling better about my flump...but having random bouts of emotionalness about going back to work (9 days, and I have stuff to do for a few hours each day).  This maternity leave thing has been awesome.  My emotions have been swinging wildly between grateful that I was able to do it and how awesome it's been, feeling guilty that I didn't use the time better (get more projects done and do more with the kids), and anxiety about how much I will be missing out on.  Too much feeling all at once.  Better not to think about it, totally how I deal.

My mom and dad have Scout for a long weekend, and the house feels very quiet with just Andrew, Elena, and me.  We are trying to make the most of this time:
  • finishing the barn door for the playroom (woohoo!)
  • plotting our next big step remoeling (knocking down walls!)
  • maybe a bit of gardening (digging up potatoes and prepping for another row of raspberries, maybe)
  • back to school clothes shopping (first time since before I got pregnant!)
  • cleaning out all the closets (and wow, the piles actually stay sorted without Scout to rearrange for me!)
  • watching Elena try to figure out how to get around (crawling soon!)
  • and, drinking coffee and playing magic while actually being able to hold a cohesive conversation....go us!
I have aspirations of making time to write, semi-regularly.  We will see.  For now, a few snapshots as I walk around the house, mess and all.
Hello wiggly baby chunk.  One of her new favorites is blowing raspberries.
Wow living room clothes mess.  The pile in front of the fridge is the get rid of!
Pretty flowers from our sweet neighbors who came and chatted about homes while we drank our morning coffee
Pretty new door, built by an awesome husband and hung this morning with the help of our brother in-law

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