Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Day back

It's my first day back to work in 6 months.  Well, if I'm honest, I've been back to work for a few meetings, and done a bit of working from home, but it's been on my own terms.  Today is my first full day back.  No kids at school today so I get to ease back into some, but my time as a stay-at-home mom has definitely ended.  I've traded Scout pitter-pattering in to wake me up for a 5:30 alarm and my comfy, stretchy bras for more structured ones.   My nightly glass of wine will have to make way for mother's milk tea while I get reacquainted with my best friend the pump.  Trying to get in the routine of picking out my outfit the night before as I can't go straight to t-shirts with yoga pants or working jeans.  Lots of changes happening around our house as we adjust to our "new" schedule.  Not all of them bad, but change is always hard to get used to.
A treat from Andrew to help me prep

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