Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Again

We've had (are having?) a rough stretch here.  Nothing life shattering, really.  And nothing that bad.  We have friends who are going through way worse, so it feels wrong to complain.  Life's just felt a bit hard, like we are in survival mode and we wouldn't want to stay like this forever. Which is real feeling for us.  Hence the lack of unscheduled posts lately.  Bright side?  This sweetheart has been a gem.  Seriously, couldn't ask for a better helper, patient sister, easy going kid right now.
A list of the things making us more tired (and really, I know.  They aren't that bad):
  • Andrew and both girls came down with a cold.  Within two hours of each other, in the middle of the night.  Weird right?  They all woke up with runny noses and scratchy throats.  Not life threatening, but makes everyone a little more worn out.
  • Elena is teething, in a big way.  One is all the way through and three more are on the way.
  • Because of the first two, we've had a few rough evenings of sleep, driving us a bit batty.
  • Andrew has a Tuesday night rehearsal going on right now, which means one more evening of the week (three total) where we trade off and he leaves when I come home.
  • I had open house last Thursday night.  Which meant our sweet neighbor girl came and watched a sick Elena while she was supposed to be sleeping (she woke up and the neighbor put her back to bed), Andrew went to teach lessons, Scout went to Rachelle's until 845 (bedtime is usually 6 or 7!) and I went to meet and greet with parents after an already long day of work.
and, most stressful for all of us, Elena has quit nursing.  She had a rough time of it last weekend, protesting each time I tried, demanding certain positions, just fighting every (very few possible) nursing session.  Then she came down with a cold.  And hasn't nursed once since last Tuesday.  I've been pumping like crazy, attempting to nurse, and then we've been giving her a bottle of pumped milk.  Which luckily she loves and takes like a champ.  It's great fun.  To have a baby scream when you even try and feed her; we aren't even getting to latching.  And then to be glued to a pump trying to keep up with her demand.  Andrew took her to the doctor today, who said no ear infection.  So we decided to let up on the pumping, only doing what feels manageable.  And then we will supplement with formula when we need to.  I'm going to keep attempting at least briefly, to get her to nurse for another week before I call it quits.  See if the teeth coming in make a difference.  Because really?  It just doesn't make sense to keep fighting and trying to force something that she doesn't want. 

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