Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, Monday

September 2014.  Elena Jo's love affair with food continues.  And has nothing to do with this post.
It's Monday and we are tackling another busy week.  My favorite thing about being back at work?  How awesome weekends feel.  I was (kind of) taking the days home for granted while on maternity leave and Friday evenings feel soooo good.  I didn't open my work bag at all this weekend, which I may regret at some point, but it's so nice to mentally just "put it away" and not think about work at all.  I thought this weekend was just about perfect, but Andrew says we needed more lazy time.  He's probably right because it was pretty busy.  Highlights included:
  • hunting raccoons in our yard at night.  Totally it's own story.  But so many raccoons, and they keep coming back!  Tips? 
  • playing Magic with Alec and his girlfriend Emily.  They are mid-moving up to Bellingham for college, her to Whatcom and him to Western.  And they are just as nerdy as us.  It's pretty great.
  • celebrating Rachelle and Taylor closing on their house (finally!  It's been a long process for them!) and Andrew spent Saturday at their new place with Taylor, my dad, and Alec cutting down and chopping up trees and tearing out drywall. 
  • My mom, sisters, Emily, and the kids were all at our house on Saturday so we could nap kids and visit.  Emma helped us rip out the gross old paneling in the front entry way so that we can clean up that area when Andrew does his great drywall patch. 
Despite all that busy business, we still got in some sunny relaxing with friends, lawn mower fixing and lawn mowing, and general puttering around the house.  I'd call it a good weekend!  Happy Monday!

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