Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Office & Hallway #1

So I'm taking a pause on the playroom posts, because I'm pretty much caught up to it's current state. I might do a post about furniture in there but even that doesn't feel quite finished right now. Still working on some curtains, wall d├ęcor, coat hanging area, and an eventual built-in art corner (which can't happen until the office is finished due to a stack of flooring). While you're waiting for my real life finishing to continue in there, I'll share a bit about our current (destruction) remodeling project.

I'm calling this project Office & Hallway, original right? 

Once Scout's old room was shut off from the playroom, we officially started calling it the office.  It was a pretty small room.  The first picture is from standing in the doorway to the play room.  On the left you see a closet, on the right, the doorway to the hallway.

Scout's room with closet and doorway
This next picture is looking down our hallway, towards the office (on the left) and our bedroom (on the right).
Down the hall towards office
This next picture is from the mirror, looking down the hallway towards our living room.  To the right of the wood paneled wall is the entry to our living room.  Farther to the right is our front door, and to the left is the bathroom.
Down the hall towards living room.
After living with the layout like this for several weeks, we decided that we were disliking so many narrow doorways and tight corners.  So we decided to knock down a few walls and change the layout some.  First up, the entry way door and the closet needed to come out.  This sounds like a simple enough task, but it really took a few days as Andrew need to work on some electrical/rewiring issues along the way.  So this post covers a 3 day span, August 27, 28, and 29 and focuses just on the walls coming down.  Next post will explain the electrical.
Closet door off and organizing system out.
Scout helping by holding screws, and our pile of stuff that needs a home in the corner of the room
Andrew taking down trim
Drywall coming down.  This is the same view of what used to be the closet and doorway.
And looking down the hallway
Most of the framing out.  Andrew had to stop here to work on electrical, rewiring issues for a frustrating few days.  That's another post.

Most of the framing out, while waiting on electrical
The whole doorway and closet out, now the hallway is open to the office room (so it's more like a den).
Scout's old room, opened up to the hallway. Walls and framing all the way out.  You can see a bit of our bedroom to the far right.

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