Friday, September 5, 2014

Playroom #16

So I had this big idea to paint one wall of the playroom bright blue and the other three a neutral tan color that is in our living room.  Then I wanted to paint blue stripes, wrapping around the room on the three tan walls.  I had originally thought two chevron style stripes, but then we decided to do one big stripe with a smaller stripe on top.
This is one wall all taped off (the stripes go in between the blue painter's tape...looks slightly confusing).
All the way around the room.
 We read tons of posts about people doing this successfully.  We pressed the tape, we sealed the edges with a layer of the base paint, we pressed hard with the painter's tape, we made sure the wall was clean, we bought brand new tape (instead of old tape) we sealed the lines with clear paintable caulk.  We tried several different methods, all of which people swore would give us crisp edges without bleeding.  And none of them worked.  So frustrating.  Luckily, each time we just tested in one area first instead of painting all the way around the room.  
Bleeding lines
After 3 days (June 26, 27, and 28) spent taping and trying different methods, we quit.  And moved on to building the beds.  I decided I didn't care that much about stripes on the walls to keep spending that much time and energy on them.  And although I think they would look cool, I don't miss them when I look at the room now.

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