Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Playroom #17

Next up for playroom projects, loft beds!  Andrew built and designed these beds himself.  My only contribution was looking at a bunch of pictures and saying "I want it to have this, this, and this...but not this".  Which I guess has it's place, but isn't exactly helpful in figuring HOW to make something.  He started the beds on June 28, but didn't get to siding Elena's bed until he started the stairs (next post!) so no final, finished pictures on this post, although you can get the general idea.  We put the beds up against the East wall, they are the first thing that you see when you come in.  I can stand underneath them easily, but Andrew has to duck slightly.  When sitting in the bed, there is enough room for either of us to sit up without hitting our heads.  Each of the bed holds a standard twin mattress.  Details, but they were important to us :)
He started like this
Then it started to look more like this
Someone was super excited for her big girl bed
First bed standing, with scaffolding, while Andrew marks where he is will attach it to the wall.
Attached and shims removed.  And a topless dancer underneath.
And then he repeated.
And added bed slats
Then tossed the mattress up there and tested it out.  Holds Dad easily!
Then Scout and I climbed up to test it out.  She approved.
Quite happy with her space
And then Andrew added some siding, with a window.  So we don't have to worry about little kids falling down, and bigger kids have a bit of privacy while they sleep.
A view of both beds up, although not quite finished.
And looking the other way

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